Volunteer Voices: Scott Vanina

Scott Vanina always had a desire and passion to help others. Twelve years ago when he moved from Minnesota to Pennsylvania, he started looking for a new way to connect with his community. Not too long after, he found a second family at Limerick Fire Department.

“As a Sports Chiropractic Doctor, I’ve always run toward those who need help,” said Scott.

Scott’s medical sports training allows him to help those who may face injury, such as firefighters during
training, or those on the emergency scene.

“On top of medical assistance, leadership, responsibility and passion are some of the skills I’ve
transferred from my career to volunteering in the fire service,” Scott said.

Although he’s busy running his own practice, Scott still finds the time to volunteer.

“Sometimes it’s hard to balance but at the end of the day when you commit to having a better community and sharing yourself with whoever needs it, the rewards and returns are priceless,” said Scott. “It really does turn into family, and that alone should be enough.”

Scott makes as many calls as he can and always finds the time to attend the department’s weekly trainings. He attends fundraisers and department events as well.


“Too often we are busy and live life on routine. Volunteering is not just something to do, it’s life changing,” said Scott.

To learn more about how you volunteer with your local fire company, sign up on our website under “Volunteer/Contact Us”