Why Volunteer

Did you know that most of the Montgomery County fire companies are made up of volunteers? Our volunteers help keep the fire company running efficiently all day, every day. We never know when a call may come, but we are always ready to respond.

There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer:

Serve & Protect

Save a neighbor. Protect the people and property in your community.

Learn New Skills

Not only is the training free, but the rewarding experience can prepare you for your future career. The training opportunities are vast and exciting.

Make New & Lasting Friendships

Fire companies are a family. Join a team, develop camaraderie amongst your fellow volunteers and establish friendships that last a lifetime.

Rewarding Service

Volunteering for your community gives you a sense of pride. Do something you feel good about.

Tax Rebate

Volunteer firefighters in Montgomery County can receive a rebate of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of their real estate property tax of Montgomery County, depending on their participation in emergency response calls, trainings, public education activities, leadership roles, and other activities. For more information on the point system and tax rebate program click here.
Joining the fire company is a great way to help and give back to the community. Many skills, knowledge and friendships are found at the firehouse that go far in life.
Harleysville Fire Chief Ryan Nase

No experience? We provide FREE training. You’ll learn how to use proper equipment and what to do in specific scenarios to help prepare you for any situation you may encounter.

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