Volunteer Voices: Ray Forlano

Although Ray Forlano is a new member of Towamencin Fire Company, he grew up volunteering in Montgomery County at La Mott Fire Company with family and friends. He moved to Towamencin roughly nine years ago and stopped volunteering, but due to a recent career shift he decided to get involved again.

“I saw signs around the county and figured since I have the time now, I should get back into it,” said Ray. “It’s a good feeling to know you’re helping the community.”

Ray currently works as a Real Estate Agent so he can schedule his appointments around volunteering.

“I know a lot of volunteers are available at night and on the weekends, so I try to make myself available during the day,” said Ray.

Ray was voted in as an official member in August. Since he has previous experience as a driver and enjoys driving the fire trucks, he is working on getting recertified.

“There’s a lot of volunteer opportunities that don’t involve running into a burning building,” said Ray. “I’m 59 years old and a lot of people think when you get older you can’t do a lot but fire companies need volunteer fire police and administrative members.”

Ray encourages to residents to stop by the fire station, say hello to local firefighters and asking questions about how to get involved. For more information on volunteer opportunities at your local fire company or to sign up visit www.montcofirefighters.org.