Volunteer Voices: Jack Gannone

At 3 years-old, Jack Gannone knew his local fire station like the back of his hand. Growing up in Lafayette Hill, Jack visited Barren Hill Fire Company almost weekly with his mom.

“In his childhood years, we used to joke that Jack knew more about our company and apparatus, at 8 years old, than some of our members,” said Barren Hill Fire Chief Chris Schwartz, “He was a bright child and it is incredible that so many years later, he went from the child enamored by a fire truck to now a volunteer with us.”

“When I was younger the guys would give me a tour of the station, let me sit in the trucks and teach me basic lessons about the tools,” said Jack. “It’s like having a second family. I always felt right at home.”

Now at 18-years-old he is a probationary firefighter at Barren Hill.

“I’m most excited to start going on fire calls and learn from the guys who have been there a long time,” said Jack, who was recently voted in as an official member of Barren Hill a few weeks ago. “It was an awesome feeling,” said Jack. “It’s been a long time coming and I feel confident in knowing some of the skills already.”

Growing up around the firehouse helped Jack learn firefighter skills and instilled the importance of volunteering at an early age.

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” said Jack. “We need more people to volunteer in emergency services.”

On top of volunteering as a firefighter at Barren Hill, Jack is currently enrolled in the EMT program at Montgomery County Fire Academy. After he graduates from his EMS course, he plans to take classes to obtain his Firefighter I Certificate.

When asked if he had any advice for new volunteers Jack responded, “put yourself out there and ask a lot of questions. All of the members are really nice and willing to help out.” Those interested in volunteering as a firefighter or EMT can fill out an inquiry form under “Volunteer/Contact Us”