Volunteer Voices: Eugene Clark

Eugene Clarke became a volunteer firefighter at Rockledge Fire Company in November of 2019.

“My son was going into junior high and he was struggling to make new friends, so I joined my local fire company to set an example of how you can meet new people,” said Eugene.

Eugene quickly bonded with the members of his fire company and they’ve been like family ever since.

“The best thing about volunteering is the comradery and the people that you meet,” said Eugene. “We’ve gone to Phillies games together and we frequently hang out after training nights.”

As a very active member, Eugene volunteers as a firefighter, an executive member of the board as recording secretary and chairman of Rockledge’s membership committee. He shares his experience with his wife who assists in many aspects of the fire company, including fundraising, assisting in memorializing meetings and other administrative paperwork.

Volunteering with your local fire company is a great way to make long-lasting friendships, meet new people and bond with your community. Fill out an inquiry form under “Volunteer/Contact Us” to take the next steps towards volunteering with your local fire company.