FEMA grant awarded to Montgomery County fire companies amid volunteer shortage

The $686,000 grant will go toward increased recruitment efforts

Article via KYWNewsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) —Volunteer fire companies in Montgomery County are celebrating a $686,000 grant from The Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The four-year grant will benefit more than 80 fire companies in the county. Its overarching goal is to increase on-site volunteers because there is currently a shortage.

“We hope with this campaign that the community will see we are ordinary people looking to give back to their community,” said George Wilmot, president of the Montgomery County Fire Chief’s Association.

They plan to use the grant money to fund TV and social media ads, mailings, flyers, recruitment events, and a website in hopes of gaining more interest.

Wilmot says anyone can get involved and not every volunteer has to “run into a burning building.”

“You’re not expected to be a firefighter,” he said.